Jr . English Research Guide

1 ) What is the key idea of this passage?

A. Studying history allows us to reside today's world.

W. Studying history is not just memory.

C. The position of education is to help students manage real life. M. Students will need to study equally national and international history. 2 . In the first section, inferences means

A. graphs C. conclusions

B. content articles D. circumferences

a few. Which approach to teaching background would the writer of this verse support? A. Applying traditional events to modern society

B. Employing flash playing cards to remember certain facts.

C. Every week quizzes about dates and events.

D. College student competitions for most books memorized.

Answers: (1. ) A (2. ) C (3. ) A

Sentence Structure & Sentence structure (20 mins, 30 questions): Sample Inquiries Part 1: In this section, each issue contains some sentences. Opt for the one that is most beneficial. Example:

A. One of many musicians who is Eric continues to be looking for a practice room. M. Eric, one of the musicians, are searching for a practice room. C. Eric who is one of the musicians who are looking for a practice room. Deb. Eric, among the musicians, is seeking a practice room. Answer: " D” is the simply choice that produces sense and it is grammatically accurate. Part two: In this section, you are given a sentence which has words left out. Fill out the bare space and complete the sentence in your essay by choosing the best answer in the choices given. Example: The employees left early on and _____________ home.

A) eliminated B) went C) have got dinner D) drives

Answer: " B” is definitely the only response that makes impression and is grammatically correct. Component 3: From this section, you are initial given two sentences. Then you are given several choices of how these two sentences can be mixed. Choose the best solution.

Example: The visitors was weighty. I was overdue to job.

A. I was past due to operate because the traffic was weighty.

M. I was late to operate, so the targeted traffic was large.

C. The targeted traffic was weighty, I was late to job.

Deb. The visitors was heavy: and...

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