UPS Technology

 UPS Technologies Essay

Faculty of commerce & Business Operations

Manal A. Abdel-Fattah, PhD

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Requirements of Management Information Devices

Chapter one particular Business Information Systems inside your Career

It Isn't Simply Technology: The Function of People and Organizations

Proportions of Information Devices

• Agencies

• Coordinate work through organised hierarchy

and business techniques.

• Business processes: related tasks and behaviors to get

accomplishing work

• Examples: fulfilling an order, employing an employee

• May be simple or contain formal guidelines

• Lifestyle embedded in information devices

• Case in point: UPS's anxiety about placing service to customer initial

В© 2014 by Dr . Manal Abdel-Kader Abdel-Fattah

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Requirements of Supervision Information Devices

Chapter 1 Business Info Systems in Your Career

It’s not Simply Technology: The Role of People and Organizations

Measurements of Information Systems

• Persons

• Info systems need skilled individuals to build,

maintain, and utilize them.

• Employee attitudes impact ability to make use of systems


• Position of managers

• See business challenges.

• Set organizational technique.

• Spend human and financial resources.

• Creative operate: new products, solutions.

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Necessities of Managing Information Systems

Chapter you Business Details Systems inside your Career

It’s not Simply Technology: The Part of People and Organizations

Sizes of Information Devices

• Technology

IT System: Foundation or platform that

information devices built upon

• Computer hardware

• Computer software

• Info management technology

• Network and telecommunications technology

• Internet and Web, extranets, intranets

• Voice, video communications

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Essentials of Management Details Systems

Part 1 Organization Information Devices in Your...

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