Targeted traffic

 Traffic Composition

Belfast is currently in the middle of any project to re-allocate road space in Belfast City Centre from general traffic to buses (and bikes, taxis and motorbikes). The project is called Streets Ahead Enabling Procedures, or STEM for short. It has got general public attention within the last week for the reason that opening of the new Oxford Street bus lane coincided with the colleges going back. So far, feedback has become a mixture of positive and adverse with car drivers credit reporting either zero change or perhaps longer trip times, and bus users reporting either no modify, or shorter journey moments.

As Euro cities get, Belfast is actually a relatively car-dependent city. Because of this quite a lot of people move regarding the city simply by car. This in itself is fine, as cars are convenient, comfortable and allow travel to almost anywhere. Belfast, like most additional Western urban centers, displays proof of the fifties and 60's road traffic architectural solutions that predominantly focussed on the demands of vehicles, in places strengthened by the need to include civil unrest in some elements of the city. In contrast to most other European cities yet , Belfast presently experiences low (but growing) congestion problems and still caters well for motorised traffic.

However , challenges arise when the demand by car individuals exceeds the of highway space. The effect is congestion, the moment long tailbacks form and journey moments go up. In Belfast metropolis centre, this situation occurs two times a day – during the early morning rush hour, and during overnight time rush hour. During the day of the week, congestion is restricted to specific very popular tracks, eg Superb Victoria Road or the Lisburn Road. There is no significant traffic jam in the evenings.

Seeing that most people agree that we need Belfast Metropolis Centre to become lively and prosperous place, we want the location Centre to get accessible to as many people as possible. With the capacity in the city centre road network fixed, the only way to increase the capability of the road network is usually...

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