The Relationship Between Number Feeling and Problem Solving

Edith Cowan University

A great examination of the relationships among teaching and learning designs, and the quantity sense and problem solving capability of Year 7 learners

Submitted to get the Degree of Doctor of Beliefs By Jemmy Emmanuel Georges Louange Pickup bed Honours (Mathematics Education), Sussex University, UK

Principal Manager: Dr . Plug Bana

School of Education Faculty of Education and Arts Edith Cowan University or college Perth Western Australia This summer 2007

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This might be the longest determination ever observed in any thesis, but when it is well-known what I have been through, and this mine has been an incredible trip, it would be very easy to understand the rationale behind thanking all those persons and saving this thesis to these people. Moreover, We firmly think that a man is known as a product from the contributions of all those who have remaining an impression on him, plus the following individuals have influenced me in various techniques. First and foremost I wish to thank Jesus Christ who energized and maintained me through the following people. A big thank you goes to my personal Principal Director, Dr Jack port Bana, to get his help, encouragement and patience. You managed to guide me and stood on with me even though my visual acuity was practically gone. You have been a lot more than understanding and excellent! I actually extend loads of appreciation to Professor Lelia Green in making possible the impossible. Industry when everything could have eliminated wrong to me, you would some extraordinary things. Due to Professor Indicate Hackling pertaining to his invaluable remarks and corrections, and Dr Paul Swan for some very useful suggestions. My appreciation is expressed towards Hermosa Jaunzems intended for reformatting the task at a time when it seemed impossible to do so. My personal sincere admiration is stated towards my personal longsuffering and understanding better half Ruth and my five children, particularly Manuella, Tyron, Omeara, Ezekiel and Elijah for setting up with my below equiparable performance as a father, as I tried to stability family life and my studies. We endured till the end because of the legacy of my father Freddy Louis-Marie and my mother Raymonde Louis-Marie who educated me not to give up and to always count on the Lord. Nancy Barbe, if there are different caring individuals like you in this world then they must be few; what you would to help all of us goes beyond man comprehension. Precisely the same goes for Eugene, Rachel, Sharol and Gilver Louise, Michel Edmond and Barbara Souffe; you actually are wonderful. Antonia and Sonny Legaie, even though you did not possess much you'll still managed to give me and my family; many thanks is just not enough to show our appreciation of what you did for us. Michel and Yvonne Servina, space is insufficient within which usually to write the favorable things you did for us; you are just two incredible persons. Des Murphy and Patrice Cooke, you know that without you around I actually definitely may have had to stop; thanks for producing the difficult happen. Bernardin Renaud, you can be a high status person nevertheless, you still handle me as a brother, and what you would was just marvellous. To my brother, good friend and instructor Alex and Brenda Souffe, and my own sister Odile Jean-Louis; the pages on this thesis are generally not enough where to write 2

about how valuable you in order to me. With out you We doubt i would have reached a successful end. To my beautifully generous and caring sibling in Rules Tacey Derjacques and hubby Keven...

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