Tips on Argumentative Essay

Argumentative Composition:

Phrases, movement, and sentence in your essay starters

Beneficial vocabulary

Transition phrases/linking terms:


Once again, also, and, and then, besides, equally important, 1st, further, furthermore, in addition , to begin with, moreover, following, second, finally, still, as well.


As well, in the same way, likewise, similarly.


Granted, obviously, of course.


Although, yet, at the same time, but at the same time, despite that, even so, even though, for all that, however , in contrast, in spite of, rather, nevertheless, in spite of, on the contrary, however, otherwise, nonetheless, though, however.


Absolutely, indeed, in fact , of course

Model or model

After all, as an illustration, even, for instance , for instance, actually that is, to illustrate.


All in all, altogether, finally, in brief, in short, in conclusion, in summary, to summarize.

Time collection

After a although, afterward, then, before, besides, earlier, at some point, finally, concurrently, so far, even now, subsequently.


Signposting, or signaling, is actually a way of producing your article text more reader-friendly by providing links between sections and paragraphs, and indicating where you are in the display of your discussion.

Phrases and expressions utilized for this goal include…

" There are three main factors behind structural inequality... The first is... " " Having outlined quarrels in favour of..., we have now turn to a few arguments against.... " " To sum up... "

" Before refuting these arguments, mention must be made of... " Signalling keywords for particular purposes:

Date (temporal) collection

At first, first, firstly, second, secondly, then, next, ultimately, in the end, lastly, later, consequently, at the same time, together, afterwards, finally


And, in addition , additionally, besides, most importantly, further, furthermore, not only … but also, what is more, just as


Furthermore, equally, likewise, in comparison, correspondingly, in the same way

Comparison / Contrastive

But , nevertheless , whereas, alternatively, in contrast, in contrast to, on the contrary, alternatively, yet


However , nevertheless, even though, continue to, yet

Expressing an alternative

Otherwise, on the other hand, somewhat

Causal (result/consequence)

Consequently, so , accordingly, consequently, for this reason, hence, thus, owing to this/that, due to this/that, as a result of this/that, consequently , with this in mind, under these situations

Example as well as illustration

For instance , that is, including, for instance, thus, as follows, this, in this casehrasing Explanation / rephrasingThat should be to say, quite simply, namely, this means, to put it in another method, to put it simplyThematising/starting a new pointWith regard to, with regards to, turning to, because for…, while far as… is concerned

Generalisation / hedge

Generally, in general, on the whole, generally, normally, generally speaking, in most cases, generally, for the most part


Fortunately, sadly, certainly, fortunately, needless to say, oddly enough


Mainly, specifically, notably, especially, particularly, clearly then

Bottom line

In conclusion, to summarize, finally, in conclusion, in brief, as a result


Or else, under the circumstances, if therefore , if not, in that case Section 1: General Essay Phrases

A. Introductory remarks.

It truly is generally arranged today that...

In getting close to this issue, you should...

Nowadays, it really is scarcely possible to...

The corporate world offers us numerous types of...

B. Growing the disagreement

The initial aspect to indicate is that...

Let us start by thinking about the facts.

C. The other side in the argument

It would also be interesting to see...

You should, nevertheless, consider the problem coming from another position. Equally tightly related to the issue are definitely the questions...

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