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My group consists of Shaif, Royden, Brenda and myself. Through the entire whole egg-drop project, we all did not include much problems cooperating with one another. At first, we were a little difficult with each other since usually we do not communicate in class but shortly the users and I opened and began discussing and giving tips and ideas as to what apparatus we were going to make. Although everyone had ideas which were different from each other, we all managed to decide on one idea without much conflict. Also, my personal group members did not complain when we had to give up several of our break time to accomplish experiments pertaining to the task so I think that overall, my group would pretty well in working with the other person. When my personal group completed the research on the day, we all suceeded and proved our hypothesis appropriate. i think the particular one of the reasons that our group suceeded is that we work effectively together. Although based on technological principles, I think that in comparison with other organizations which also used a parachute inside the project, the area of each of our parachute of our parachute was your largest. Likewise, instead of usual plastic bags used by various other groups (FairPrice, BreadTalk, Giant etc . ), we used trashbags because the material trashbags are made of a thinner materials and do not weigh as much as when compared to a normal plastic-type material bag. One more that I believe our group suceeded in our experiment is that unlike other groups, we all cut the trash handbag into a large piece of plastic-type before attatching the strings to each nook. While, other groups did not cut the plastic bags into a piece of plastic nevertheless instead, utilized the plastic material bag in the form it truly is originally.

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