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1. Definition

2 . 點解IBM係Learning Organization

-Global Mentoring: IBMers learning from one another

In the fresh workforce style the " workplace” could be anywhere, so we're developing innovative strategies to facilitate expertise sharing among IBMers globally. (

 The Specialist Marketplace: A credit application used to quickly deploy ability to clientele, organizes the effort history and skills of IBMers into 8, 100 specific skill pieces that include seventeen industries and areas of knowledge from business intelligence and analytics to virtualization and green solutions. The applying also is made up of languages spoken, visa, status and availableness.  And our financial results display the impact on this transformation. › 2008 earnings was a record $103. 6 billion, up five percent, and we sent a pre-tax margin of 16. 1 percent, four factors above the results in 2k.

-- IBM's vision for learning

Learning that supports the ongoing transformation method is a key vision for IBM — even more crucial in today's organization environment. IBM's goal is usually to create a place where it can be easy for personnel to learn what they need, whenever they need it, and to apply their knowledge, understanding and knowledge for their personal benefit and IBM's. To do this objective, IBM's learning technique is to:

• Invest in ideal learning projects that have the highest impact on business results while measured simply by business outcomes and personal effects • Influence the intellectual capital of IBM staff, through cooperation, to grow the knowledge foundation

• Enhance learning design to provide successful and powerful learning activities that rate the copy of knowledge to employees, Business Partners and clients to resolve business challenges faster

• Enable pervasive learning systems to ensure that learning solutions reach the target market and meet up with their needs to be able to achieve the desired results. (p. 17)

Essential Characteristics of a learning corporation

A learning approach to technique

-For model, we realized that typical IBM international assignments did not line up with the new strategy. Therefore, we are studying our approach—defining goals to boost global possibilities for substantial potential, lastest, technical and leadership expertise from every demographic group. In addition we are providing particular transitional support for employees on assignment in spite of duration. We are also creating processes to increase the application of their very own experience and knowledge following your international projects end. (

The several blended learning approaches consist of:

Learning from data — Functionality support and reference supplies are frequently employed as a kick off point. They tend to get Web-based and take advantage of on-line information transfer. This allows a person to gain access to only the materials that are highly relevant to his or her job function or business needs. Allowing the learner to advance at her or his own tempo maximizes interest and motivation and allows the user to find out quickly and comprehensively. Listening to advice from interaction, simulation or online games — Commonly multimedia-driven, this kind of learning permits a student to focus on practicing with real-life cases, online. Making use of information discovered during the preceding approach, it really is self-directed and involves certain modules, active games, training and split simulations. These practice cases provide a large number of response selections that help learners master specifically relevant competencies for their own tempo.

Collaborative learning — This approach allows participants to work with colleagues in virtual classrooms, e-labs and collaborative sessions to make realtime understanding with live, online meetings and teaming. It is commonly threaded— that means there is an expert who articles the situations and...

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