Lessons of the Moth Poetry Research

Amber Machine

Dr . Fussell

ENGL 1302

April almost eight, 2011

" The lessons of the moth” Analysis simply by Don Marquis

The title with this poem by Don Marquis is " The Lessons of the Moth" because it is a poem about the thoughts of a moth and his outlook on life. The overall poem would be considered argumentative getting the moth is trying to tell the man that he ought to live his life and let his hair down a little more rather than relishing the everyday exercises of your life. This is displayed in section 3 when the moth says " But we get bored with the routine/and crave beauty/and excitement. ”(18-20)Another example of the passage staying argumentative can be when the gentleman says " and ahead of I could claim him/out of his idea. ”(43-44) Add Marquis indicated several hues to the overall poem. In paragraph 1 the strengthen is contemplative being that the man was learning the moth trying to burglary an electric bulb and are you wondering why the moth would perform such a specific thing. As the poem transitions into passage 2, the tone turns into more argumentative. Then as the paragraph begins to changeover more in to the third passage, the sculpt becomes more passionate when the moth begins asking the person about doing a similar routine and craving pleasure. In addition , this part of the composition is where the author begins to utilize diathesis because of the moth expressing his strong feeling in regards to excitement and natural beauty. As the poem advances on to section 3 the tone is extremely optimistic and hopeful. This can be shown if the moth can be convincing the person that it is preferable to live with impulsiveness for a limited time on this the planet and have excitement then living your entire life with the same program and never had the opportunity to experience excitement. In regards to the optimistic side with the tone in paragraph a few, this is proven when the moth states " so we all wad all of our life up/into one tiny roll/and then simply we blast the roll/that is what life is for. ” (31-34) In paragraph four, the strengthen switches to acceptance. This kind of part of the poem is where man...

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