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1) How do the Columbian Exchange customize natural environment of the Americas? 2) What function did forced labor be in the main sectors of Spanish America and Brazil? 3) Discuss just how Spain and Portugal afflicted the character of its colonial empire in America. What had been the main comparison among colonies of Spain and Italy? 4) Discuss how England and Great britain affected the smoothness of it is colonial disposition in America. What were the primary similarities and differences between colonies of France and England? 5) How AND why would the colonial time administrations of Spanish and Portuguese groupe differ from those established by the English groupe in America? 6) The thing that was the ethnic and cultural makeup of colonial Latin America? Just how did the goals, strategies, and affect on American society develop from 1530 to 1700CE? 7) What were the effects of the colonial reforms and wars between imperial powers that dominated the Americas during the eighteenth century? 8) What role did religion play in European negotiation of the Unites states? Discuss Spanish, Portuguese, The french language, and Uk uses of Christianity like a toll of colonization. 9) Compare and contrast the various colonial locations established in British North America. In what techniques were they will similar and different? 10) The fact that was the Columbian Exchange? Just how did it effect and change the Old and New Worlds? 11) What were the demographic effects of the Columbian Exchange?

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- Columbian Exchange

1 ) Council of the Indies

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3. Fortuna

4. Encomienda

5. Creoles

6. Mestizo

7. Mulatto

8. Indentured servant

on the lookout for. House of Burgesses

twelve. Pilgrims

10. Puritans

12. Iroquois Confederacy

13. New France

14. Coureurs sobre bois

12-15. Tupac Amaru II

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