Ies Syllabus for Ece



(i) Indian Railway Service of Signal Designers.

(ii) Indian Railway Shops Service (Tele-communication/Electronics Engineering Posts). (iii) Of india Ordnance Industrial facilities Service (Engineering Branch) (Electronics Engineering Posts). (iv) Indian Naval Equipment Service (Electronics Engineering Posts). (v) Central Power Anatomist Service (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering Posts) (vi) Associate Executive Industrial engineer Group ‘A' (Electronics & Telecommunication Architectural Posts) in the Corps of E. M. E., Ministry of Defence. (vii) Professional (GCS-Gr. " A" ) in Wi-fi Planning and Coordination Wing/Monitoring Organisation; M/o Communication and Information Technology (D/o Telecommunication) (viii) Assistant Naviero Stores police officer Grade My spouse and i (Electronics & Telecom Anatomist Posts) in Indian Navy. (ix) Review of India Service (Gr. 'A') (Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering Posts). (x) Indian Inspection Support, Gr. 'A' (Electronics & Telecom Anatomist Posts). (xi) Indian Supply Service, Gr. 'A' (Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering Posts

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Syllabus for IES Consumer electronics & Interaction Engineering Daily news I | Materials and Components

Framework and homes of Electrical Engineering elements; Conductors, Semiconductors and Insulators, magnetic, Ferroelectric, Piezoelectric, Porcelain, Optical and Super-conducting components. Passive components and qualities Resistors, Capacitors and Inductors; Ferrites, Quartz crystal Hard resonators, Electromagnetic and Electromechanical components.

Physical Gadgets, Electron Equipment and ICs

Electrons and holes in semiconductors, Transporter Statistics, Mechanism of current flow within a semiconductor, Area effect; Junction theory; Different types of diodes and the characteristics; Bipolar Junction receptor; Field result transistors; Electrical power switching gadgets like SCRs, GTOs, power MOSFETS; Essentials of ICs - bipolar, MOS and CMOS types; basic of Opto Electronics.

Signals and Systems

Category of alerts and devices: System modelling in terms of gear and big difference equations; Express variable manifestation; Fourier series; Fourier converts and their application to system analysis; Laplace transforms and the application to system evaluation; Convolution and superposition integrals and their applications; Z-transforms and the applications to the analysis and characterisation of discrete time systems; Randomly signals and probability, Relationship functions; Spectral density; Response of linear system to random advices.

Network theory

Network analysis methods; Network theorems, transient response, steady condition sinusoidal response; Network graphs and their applications in network analysis; Tellegen's theorem. Two port networks; Z, Con, h and transmission parameters. Combination of two ports, analysis of common two ports. Network features: parts of network functions, getting a network function from specific part. Transmitting criteria: postpone and rise time, Elmore's and other definitions effect of cascading. Elements of network synthesis.

Electromagnetic Theory

Analysis of electrostatic and magnetostatic areas; Laplace's and Poisson's equations; Boundary benefit problems and the solutions; Maxwell's equations; app to wave propagation in bounded and unbounded mass media; Transmission lines: basic theory, standing dunes, matching applications, microstrip lines; Basics of wave guides and resonators; Elements of antenna theory.

Electronic Measurements and instrumentation

Basic principles, standards and error evaluation; Measurements of basic electric powered quantities and parameters; Electronic digital measuring devices and their concepts of functioning: analog and digital, comparability, characteristics, application. Transducers; Digital measurements of non electric powered quantities just like temperature, pressure, humidity and so on; basics of...

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