grapes of wrath

 grapes of wrath Essay

п»їSoreach Sang Pd. sixth 1/17/14

Soreach Sang

From Long Beach, California

January 14, 1934

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt,

The truly great Depression is increasing in Unite Says. I'm coming from Oklahoma. My loved ones is a tenant farmer. I have six members in my friends and family; grandma ( Ny ), aunty ( Vuth ), ma ( Vy ), brother ( Johnnie), sister ( Lin ), pa ( David ), and me. My loved ones is having difficulties because of the weather conditions. The weather in Oklahoma have been changed this year. Farmers won't be able to farm their particular crops due to drought as well as the dust thunder or wind storms. Since my family can't farm building, we don't have any money to pay back our expenses. My parents' farm had been foreclosure. Everyone in my family got a hand expenses and this said that they need 800 fruits pickers. We have nothing to stay for and needed money. My family and i also got no choice but to decide to produce a trip to California. We marketed most of almost everything we got to get funds. We got regarding $200 to produce a trip to Washington dc. We purchased a jalopy pick up truck for $75. We load up everything we really need on the jalopy truck, by the next early morning we will be carried out and ready to move. My grandma Ny cried all-night mainly because she don't want to go. The lady had been living here for permanently. She scares that your woman going to miss home and her childhood. On the way to California were horrible as a result of little space in the jalopy truck, heat from the light from the sun, and we were hungry due to malnutrition. We all tried to cut costs as possible since we may a lot of money. Whenever we were traversing New Mexico my grandma was receiving sick. After we got entered New Mexico my grand past apart. We got stopped by authorities six times because they think we were carrying fruit. We don't have lots of money left. We all spent plenty of cash on gas, water, camps place and little bit about food. I was hunger. Inside the third night time at one of the camps all of us met this kind of family who on their in the past to their hometown and they told us regarding hand charges. They said the company need 800 workers nevertheless they print out 20, 000...

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