Motor Effectiveness Practical -- Physics

Stage you Physics – Practical

Aim: To estimate the weight limit held and the performance of an electric power motor. Approach:

1 . ) Using materials obtained, start by inserting the Power Source Unit (PSU) into a cost-free plug, ensuring the PSU is made to 6V. 2 . ) Attach the Crocodile clips from the PSU to the ammeter and electric motor as displayed above in the labelled picture, making sure the voltmeters videos are mounted on the motor unit. 3. ) Starting with 20g of weight attached to the string for the motor (as seen above) perform 3 experiments with each fat group (20g, 40g, 60g, 80g) and record their voltage, time and current. 5. ) Have one main person browsing the ammeter, one person timing the weights achieving the top of the engine, and the additional person both switching within the motor and reading the voltmeter. 5. ) Execute these 12 experiments and record every data in your book with format just like the results under. 6. ) Pack up the materials and return those to their first places. Basic safety Instructions:

1 ) ) Keep all electrical equipment away from the taps as well as access to drinking water 2 . ) Keep the Voltage set to 6 at all times

3. ) Keep fingertips away from motor, make sure engine and PSU are turned off after trials 4. ) Don't play around with the components and apparatus's! Results Desk:

Mass (g)| Time (t)| Current (A)| Potential Difference (V)| 20| 0. 70| 0. 72| 5. 06

20| 0. 60| 0. 72| a few. 06

20| 0. 66| 0. 71| 5. '04

40| zero. 70| 0. 95| a few. 00

40| 0. 84| 0. 84| 5. 00

40| 0. 72| 0. 88| your five. 00

60| 1 . 2| 0. 99| 5. 02

60| 1 ) 18| 1 ) 05| five. 02

60| 1 . 14| 1 . 2| 5. 02

80| installment payments on your 9| 1 ) 12| 5. 08

80| 3. 9| 1 . 08| 5. 08

80| 3. 15| 1 . 19| your five. 07

Normal 20| 0. 65| 0. 72| 5. 05

Normal 40| zero. 75| zero. 89| five. 00

Typical 60| 1 . 17| 1 . 08| a few. 02

Average 80| a few. 32| 1 . 13| 5. 08


Establishing the Type Energy –> E = V by I back button T (Electric Energy sama dengan Voltage by Current x Time) (averages) Calculating the outcome Energy –> = m x g x h (Gravitational G. E = mass times gravity x height) (averages) 20g Input energy = V x I times T = 2 . 363420g Output Strength = m x g x l = zero. 177184 40g Input Strength = Sixth is v x My spouse and i x To = several. 337540g Output Energy = m x g back button h sama dengan 0. 354368 60g Input Energy = V back button I back button T sama dengan 6. 343360g Output Strength = m x g x l = zero. 531552 80g Input Energy = V x I x To = 19. 06 80g Output Strength = meters x g x l = 0. 708736 (Gravity = on the lookout for. 8, height = 80. 4cm or perhaps 0. 904m)

20g Effectiveness = (Output/Input) x totally = (0. 177184/2. 3634) x 100% = six. 49% 40g Efficiency = (Output/Input) times 100% sama dengan (0. 354368/3. 3375) x 100% = 10. 62% 60g Effectiveness = (Output/Input) x fully = (0. 531552/6. 3433) x totally = almost 8. 38% 80g Efficiency sama dengan (Output/Input) x 100% = (0. 708736/19. 06) by 100% = 3. 72%

Graphed Outcomes:

Sources of Problem: (How does procedure limit errors?? )

The procedure that is given in comprehensive order restrictions errors by the use of extra safety precautions. The additional safety procedures limit the chance of electrical tools being broken, danger getting caused, consequently harming the students, and the experiment failing. The simple steps noticed in the method are easy to follow and can be instructed with a teacher to a class. The materials get in the routine diagram and they are relisted in the steps over. The picture shown above also facilitates the steps in case the student is confused to how the routine should be create and the approach further describes the required persons in a group and who what. Common sources of mistake that will be seen in this experiment if carried out incorrectly are the setup of materials, reaction of the timer and company and cooperation of the group people. If not really connected effectively, the electric motor may burn up therefore creating either injury or the capacity to short circuit, learning to be a hazard to other school members. Along the way, after each experiment, the switch on the motor as well as the power supply must be turned off. To minimise sources of error, the group users should be regularly...

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