E-Govrenment Composition

Situation of Bangladesh Government to Implement E-government

The World Traditional bank in 2007 ranked Bangladesh 92nd among 132 countries and previous among a few countries in the South Asian subcontinent, in terms of its ICT infrastructure. Additionally it is ranked 123rd and fifth in Southern region Asia, inside the e-services re-homing index. Yet , despite becoming behind many South Asian counterparts, Bangladesh has been capturing up quickly in the field of e-Government. According to UN's E-Government readiness survey 2008, while many other countries (including India and Sri Lanka) in the region have ended up significantly inside the rankings, Bangladesh advanced twenty steps between 2005 and 2008. Bangladesh's Readiness Index value of 0. 30 was not that far lurking behind India (0. 38), although it was still some distance from your regional innovator Maldives (0. 45). However, Bangladesh would still be behind every neighbors besides Nepal, Myanmar and Afghanistan.

The Benefits People are Getting

Energy Services

• Electricity- Line connection & maintenance

• Electricity- Costs payment

• Gas - Line interconnection & routine service

• Gas- Bill repayment

• Cell phone - Line connection & maintenance

• Telephone -- Bill payment

• Normal water & Sewerage – Range connection & maintenance

• Water & Sewerage -- Bill payment

• Basic

Land Management

• Area survey

• Land record

• Property mapping

• Land registration

• Land mutation


• Tour bus Ticket Arranging and Advertising

• Teach Ticket Reserving and Offering Bangladesh Railway

• Vehicle Registration

• Issue and Renew motor driving permits

• Concern and Restore route enables of commercial automobiles • Exercise certificates

• Collection of costs and fees

Security & Civil Services

• Entrance of basic diary & case filling up

• Submitting of municipal cases

• Issuance/Renewal or arms and ammunitions permits

• Migrants support (e. g. Simply no Objection Certificate)

• Certified...

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