Digital Piracy in Sri Lanka

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Table of Contents

1 . Introduction2

installment payments on your Digital Piracy3

2 . 1Software Piracy3

installment payments on your 1 . 1Reasons behind consumers buying Piracy Software3

installment payments on your 1 . 2Issues with Duplicate Software4

2 . 2Other Digital Media Piracy4

2 . 2 . 1Issues with Pirated Media5

3. Copyright Law in Sri Lanka6

3. 1Works Protected6

three or more. 2Duration of Copyright7

three or more. 3Infringement of Copyright7

three or more. 4Act of Fair Use8

4. Recommendations9

4. 1Legislation Improvements9

4. 2Technological Improvements10

5. References11


The term " Piracy” can be establish as the " not authorized  use of works under copyright, infringing the copyright holder's " special rights", such as the right to reproduce, distribute, display or perform the copyrighted work, propagate the information comprised within copyrighted works, in order to make derivative performs. It often refers to copying " intellectual property" without crafted permission from your copyright holder, which is typically a author or additional business symbolizing or assigned by the work's creator” [1]. Piracy is a term which surfaced since the daybreak of imaginative expression. Because era, kings and is important were demanded for art work from high class painters. Although often they will received low quality replicas which copied from the original one particular. The term " Digital Piracy” is much younger. When pcs were brought to the market in late 70s', the digital properties such as software haven't been identified as Mental properties. So there was simply no law against re-production, division or use. But with the top demand for the newest technology, law amendments had been introduced at the begining of 80s' to realize these because Intellectual properties of the folks who developed these people. Piracy of software and other digital media were emerged after this period. Ceylon (veraltet) has introduced Intellectual Property Action in the year 2003 to deal with these issues. But in 2012, Software piracy rate in Sri Lanka was high because 84%. What this means is, 84 people out of 100 are using pirated application in their computer systems. And on the other hand, recording industry features reported piracy rate of 99% to get international repertoire CD's. Pertaining to Sinhalese show in was around 35% [2]. The above figures clearly indicate that the rules suits presented haven't recently been affected upon stopping piracy on software and other digital media. This is mainly due to lack of awareness from the society respect the negative effects of these fake copies. And on the furthermore, though there exists law brought to prevent these issues, the Sri Lankan regulation is not really strict enough when comparing to other countries in this particular area. Thus idea of this kind of document should be to have a brief review in current circumstance of piracy in Sri Lanka, the actions it has currently taken to stop them and recommendations to create it a lot more effective in perspective of law whilst in the perspective of society.

Digital Piracy

Modern technology has changed distinguishly...

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