Kid Delinquency

 Essay about Child Delinquency

juvenile delinquency

a problem for the modern world

by W l i m C. Kvaraceus ila


Posted i 1964 by the Un n Educational, Scientific and Culturd Business Place para Fontenoy, Paris-7e Printed by simply Imprimerie Meters a meters e

six Unesco 1964

Printed in Frame MC. 6B/D. sS/A

Juvenile delinquency a problem intended for the modern worlp


This guide was ready as part of the Unesco programme of

studies upon problems of social inadaptation a meters o and g young people. Problems of the nature, and also manifestations of juvenile delinquency, are a source of concern and often anxiety to father and mother, educators, and leaders of youth companies. It was felt it might be useful to them if an attempt had been m a d at the to examine objectively, and to describe as clearly as possible, the unusual and aggressive behavior displayed n y a few of today's children. T my spouse and i task was entrusted to Dr . William C. Kvaraceus, w l o hs had offered as a Unesco specialist in problems of social inadaptation a meters o and g junior. Dr . Kvaraceus, w h o features taught at Boston University or college, is d o watts Professor of Education and Director of Youth Studies at the Lincoln Filene Middle for Citizenship and Open public Affairs of Tufts University or college i the us. His published n performs include Child Delinquency and the School as well as the Community plus the Delinquent. To h electronic views put forward in the present book, the result of meters a n y numerous years of wide encounter, are the author's OWn.

Unesco takes pleasure i recognizing the co-operation n prolonged by the Section of Social Defence of the United Nations in the preparing of this amount.

Table of contents

Foreword Chapter 1. What is a teen delinquent? Different versions on a topic A flavor for violence The invisible delinquent The so-called‘causes' Each one is different Phase two.

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Why delinquency exists

Meters a n y ideas The need for take pleasure in A search intended for identity The Anxieties of adolescence

50 Chapter 3. W%at a community can carry out 51 Prevention and treatment 54 The role from the schools 56 A larger range of learning 62 Help for the family sixty six Asking why i took place t sixty-eight Punishment or probation 71 The police seventy five The real world of Individual treatment for the 76 struggling Chapter four. New outlooks Involvingthe late The need for exploration W h e d children are i danger in


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in Despite vast technological advancements visible i actually all countries today, the processes for aiding children and youth to mature aduìthood still problem the creation of parents and youth workers. As one observes the careful efforts from the professionalsteachers, interpersonal workers, idol judges, psychologists, sociologists, psychiatrists-who keep pace with find ways and means to prevent and control the wayward behaviour of children, i becomes apparent t that the specialists cannot fix or even control the delinquency problem b y themselves. Every citizen and every parent or guardian must talk about the task. And, w electronic must involve youth alone i the n way to what is fundamentally a youngsters problem. This book has been well prepared for parents, interested citizens, and older youth adults w they would o desire to understand and help those children whose behaviour has brought these to the attention of o5cial power. It does not list any quality recipes for the prevention or re-education with the delinquent; however it does indicate the need to establish and identify the delinquent and it reviews various approaches that m a y be studied i supporting M elizabeth r elizabeth n to types of n youthful offenders. These types of approaches generally reflect a causative, classification, and rehabilitative orientation. Capital t w to major concerns were experienced in the planning of this distribution: first, the number in educational and child-welfare resources and programmes existing between the produced and expanding countries each with its unique cultural customs presented different stages of readiness; second, the paucity of

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