CHAPTER 14 WHAP Dissertation

Chapter 15

New World in American Europe


How and who were they will interacting with?

Middle Ages and their Tastes

What types of feature made them stand out?

For what reason would they've been rude for their mentors?

What could have motivated this new birth in principles and organizations to happen?

American Development

That which was exacultly triggering this type of drop and destruction?

Manorial Devices

Were the serfs treated badly and what freedoms did they may have under the thought of Manorialism?

The Church

Just how were these monasteries assisting the americans?


What did Charlemagnes rule bring to the community?

So why was a single government unable to happen?

What might be one reason for a set unified culture to never happen?

Monetary and City Growth

Could you say that farming and trade were very closely related in western world?

Why might learning as well as the arts become popular?

Political Advances and Monarchys

Did feudalism bring any types of disagremments towards the church?

Government (Limited)

For what reason did feudalism provide a limitation and how?

What did the nobles or parliament carry out for the europen government?

What had been some of the arguments that came up about Feudalism?

The Western and its Enlargement

Why would population growth rapidly happen, what brought on it?

Just how did crusades help the community and what disadanges achieved it have?

Where the crusades beneficial and beneficial or that they didn't go good?

The thing that was at least one advantage that the crusades gave?

Development and Reformation of Religion

So why were the church and feudalism disagreeing with each other?

Precisely what is feudalism and how did it start?

Highs in the centre Ages

Just how was this sort of power capable of being established, what/who helped this get to this time?

Culture and Religion inside the Postclassical Time of the Western


So why did persons want to learn regarding these things?


Did religion really supply a unity over Europe?

Art and Books with Faith

Did roman culture influence the skill and literary works and even faith that is in Europe today?

Change in Social and Monetary Forms

Rural Life and the Strains

Where peasants killed for their suggestions of an equalality between them plus the higer clasess?

Banking and Trade Growth

Did european Europe create its in exotic products for trade?

Why was Jac certainly not killed for his crimes?

Were the laws to get trade created after they found out about Jacs monopolizing ways?

Where guilds devised for themselves or perhaps for the folks in general?

Women and Limits

How come advancement take decline in the women and their particular status?

Decline of the Medieval's

Why did the battle even start off?

Why/how was the plague distributed to these kinds of a huge place?

Signs of Decline

Why do decline cause people to attack religion?

Bottom line


-mainly medieval ideas and customs

-expanding communications provided new-technology

-a extremely interacting coming back the medievals

-very different than the Islamic and byzantine culture

-changed a lot following your classical period

-borrowed/traded with advanced civilizations

-had unique features that provided a great identity

C: peoples were hostile on the muslims (their mentors) and wanted to end muslim electricity E: crusades were made to finish the muslim power that dominated the west -this period allowed for fresh institutions and values to get created -ideas towards universitys, architecture, and religion started to be aware and still live on until today

-500-900CE was a difficult time for Europe (especially Rome's decline) -many of the urban centers were destroyed and could not function effectively -invasions...

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