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Materials a Reflection of Life




There are great number of poems in the world today. All these poems can easily leave a lasting impression on the reader. Every reader might gain a different sort of impression in the next audience. Two poems that have kept an impression in me are " Harlem” by Langston Hughes and " The newest Colossus” simply by Emma Lazarus. There are diverse key elements within in every single poem that create the effect it might have over a reader. These types of key elements will be imagery, statistics of speech, symbolism, term choice, sculpt, theme, and sound.

The utilization of imagery in " Harlem” creates a handful of vivid photographs. One of these photos is included in the line " Or brown crust area and sugar over – like a syrupy sweet” (Hughes 1951). This forms a picture in my mind of your used plate covered in dried leftover maple syrup. There are also many clear images created inside the poem " The New Colossus”. The lines, " Give me your tired, your poor, Your snuggled masses longing to breathe free, The wretched decline of your crowded, overrun shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, We lift my lamp near the golden door! ” (Lazarus 1883), offer a great field. With these lines I am able to visualize a huddled group of people in the dim light of your oil lamp wearing rainy tattered garments. They are shivering from coming in contact with ocean water. In addition to the symbolism of " Harlem” and " The New Colossus”, there are some figures of speech that add to the impression these composition have made about me.

One great figure of speech in " Harlem” is in the form of a simile. The lines read, " Does it run dry like a raisin in the sun? Or fester just like a sore-” (Hughes 1951). This kind of simile pulls a great a comparison of what happens when one holdups hindrances impediments the quest for a dream. There may be another good simile in " The New Colossus” and it reads, " Not like the brazen giant of Traditional frame” (Lazarus 1883). This kind of figure of speech describes the subject as being...

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