An Analysis of People Strong Feelings and Emotions

“Sometimes characters can allow a solid feeling or emotion to

Holden allows the strong feelings and thoughts of death, society, school

and innocence to dominate his lifestyle. Holden is an extremely hypersensitive boy who can not

ignore his problems, rather he dwells on them. These feelings and emotions

are dominant because Holden believes highly in them.

The strong negative feelings that Holden provides for his college and it’s

community are present as a result of it’s concern for a graphic. When students do

not devote they are expelled to keep carefully the schools high academic score, This is

represented when Holden says “I acquired the axe. They provide guys the axe quite

frequently at Pencey.” he will not like this since it will not allow students to be

individuals and become who they actually want to be. Another explanation Holden dislikes

school so substantially is because the method teachers include an unfair authority over their

students. Mr Spencer employed his authority when he read aloud Holden’s paper.

holden thought this was rude and explained “I do not think I’ll ever forgive